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My life has changed since I found Dave Asprey's Bulletproof coffee.  I now feel better than I have in a long time.  I am alert all day, my focus and recall are so noticeably improved that I now realize I was stuck in a perpetual fog which had become my norm.

I feel so good that I have shared a thermos full of my version of this coffee several friends and co-workers. There are a lot of recipe's out there on the Internet, but after being asked for the “recipe” several times, I chose to put together this list of links to the actual ingredients that I use and how to put them together.

Most items available at Wholefoods, but Amazon has much better prices.

Large cup (16 oz) of your favorite coffee made strong
2 tbsp Organic Cultured Pasture Butter or Ghee (must be grass fed!)
1 tbsp Organic Unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (any brand, but must be organic and unrefined)
1 Scoop (2 tbsp. Bulletproof Collagen Protein or any Collagen powder that is from grass fed animals.
1 scoop KonaRed - Hawaiian Coffeeberry Superfruit Powder (You can read about the brain benefits of coffee fruit here.)
Optional: 1-2 super tiny scoop - 1/32 tsp -   Stevia Powder-Organic Stevia-100% Pure Stevia Extract  (I do not use Stevia Blends like Truvia, Stevia in the Raw, etc.)

Place all ingredients in high power glass or BPA free blender for a full 60 seconds and enjoy while hot.  Pour in to your favorite 24 oz BPA free thermos such as the 24 oz Takeya Thermoflask and because of the inches of foam, if you did it right, it will fill the bottle perfectly to the top every time.

You might ask yourself, ‘how can a cup of coffee make me feel so great?’ At first, I too was skeptical, but then I experienced it for myself.  It is no ordinary cup of coffee; it is coffee with the ingredients that your body has been long lacking.  Go ahead and treat your mind to a fabulous ride. Thank you Dave Asprey for opening my eyes.
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